Interview with Soccer Star Tally Hall, U-Boat Enthusiast 1

Tally Hall is an American professional soccer player for Major League Soccer who has earned numerous top awards in his career including being selected two time MVP and joining the All Stars USA Team. He has played both in the United States and abroad for Denmark. Most recently he was […]


Manufacturing an Aurora Pen

MOULDING We proceed with the creation of the first components, in particular the cap and the reservoir of our “88”, thereby beginning the moulding step. Here, through special machines and depending on the model of pen and price range, the individual components of the pens are created: the cap and […]

Casdino image

Speedometer Official introduces the Casino Bracelet 1

Passion for gambling? Do you think Lady Luck is in your favor? Does the game of roulette give you an adrenaline rush? Then look no further and let good luck be always on your side. Freedom in creation is the motto of many designers and among them Marco Gatti, Italian […]


Designing an Aurora pen with Cesare Verona 1

THE DESIGN The piece we will create during our lessons is one of the most successful Aurora models, the “88”. The pen, designed by renowned industrial designer Marcello Nizzoli, is a masterpiece of production and still a timeless cult object. As often happens, everything begins with a blank page, an […]


Dupont Registry Live Aeroport Reception with U-Boat

The DuPond Registry Aeroport Reception took place in Winter Park, Florida to commence the Concourse d’Elegance weekend with U-Boat Watches front and center, sponsoring the event. The evening included live entertainment, catered food, airplanes, boats, and of course cars. From exotics to classics, participants were invited not just to inspect […]


Montegrappa releases the Sophia Loren Icon Pen

MONTEGRAPPA Sophia Loren Icon Pen/Press release Bassano del Grappa: Sophia – Mamma Mia! Montegrappa’s popular Icons Collection of writing instruments pays tribute to global personalities who have achieved greatness in a variety of fields, including music, cinema and sport. Previously released pens in the Icons series have honoured Muhammad Ali, […]


Winter Park Concourse d’Elegance with U-Boat

The 14th Annual Concourse d’Elegance took place in Winter Park, Florida with U-Boat Watches as sponsor. The event brought together automobile enthusiasts from all over the United States, some crossing the entire continent to attend. Awards were presented by professional judges as well as attendees for anything from classic cars […]